A root canal treatment cannot wait until we go home

If we stay in London for longer time, we should be updated with the medical services in our neighbourhood. For example a root canal treatment cannot wait until we go home, it can be very painful, and can have adverse effects over our whole body, not to mention systemic inflammation that can increase because of our teeth. There are very good services in London meant to treat all kind of dental problems, even on Sundays and Bank holidays.

Emergency dentists are all around the city, but of course not all of them are open on the announced schedules, it is sometimes even hard to find the appropriate service in time. It of course useful to try a dental clinic for normal treatments, so if an emergency pops up we know where to go. Basic treatments can be any kind of cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, which would give us a basic impression of the dentistry and the dentist him / herself. This way we can have an impression of prices, sometimes higher prices mean just nicer furniture, or bigger rooms, but not a better treatment. It is way easier to go back to a place we know, instead of a totally new place with new people. The most important definitely is trust between us and the people treating us, and of course the level of expertise of the personnel.